A by no means comprehensive list of people to whom and concepts to which I have dedicated a yoga practice*

*At the beginning of a yoga class, some teachers will suggest that each student silently dedicate that day’s practice to an “intention” or to a person who could use some extra luck.

Anastasia’s mom, who is starting chemo

Julia, whose boyfriend is in the hospital

Meryl and Melissa, as the Supreme Court renders its decision on gay marriage

My husband

“Less effort; more ease”

“Let’s do this; it’s only an hour”

The annoying girl who distracts me in class by doing nothing but handstands, and who despite her questionable etiquette is much better at yoga than I am

Hillary Clinton

“I would just really like to not accidentally kick anyone in the face today”

My teenager

My yoga teacher, for being such a calming presence that I have secretly nicknamed him Human Xanax

My dogs

My mother, who would have been eighty today, which if you think about it is completely astonishing

Every living thing in the entire world, including bugs

That guy on the bus that one time

“Headache begone”

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